Earth spun a slow and steady pace last night -
the moon, she told me.
I questioned only of my place in intellectual anarchy.

This time is right
(I'll force myself to use.)
What's up you guys?
(I think I need a ride home.)
Where do I go when this depletes around me?
I'll hit the bottom and choke with you.

Breath a sigh and dwell on passed times.
I can't find that innocence - why?
To burn the pink out of the lung
To drop the stamp upon the tongue.
Can I imbibe in you again?

This time
my lie is I am still here.


Mirror shows a primitive find.
The shore is Earth's receding hairline.
That earth spun a steady pace last night
but I think she dropped me on my knees,
'cuz now I'm begging her to freeze - that fucking axis, gaining speed.
In my life,
I've heard that Darwin is still dead.
This time, he ain't coming back.
I lied.

You can say no.
You can say you'll let me go.

I think I need a ride home.

Lyrics by Bradley J
2012 Opioid Music