We drift away on a sea of clouds.
Silent, we wait.
Air seems to pause.
Giants tell time;
Hammers on the bells.
Arm wrapped in mine,
you hold me whole.

Honest, our hearts.
Masks paint deceit.
Drive home a wedge,
silent and deep.

Small flames in faith,
coins spare decay.
Our bond so frail burns so bright.
Wax spreads away.
Wicks turn to smoke.
Not every loss needs one to blame.

It's too late to see your face,
shadows and starlight.
Dark hair that dances still fading away.
It's too late to catch a dream
on the verge of waking.
A cool mist that dissipates
under morning light
It's too late to say your name
when the winds been knocked out.
Stolen breath leaves my lips,

It's too late, too late.

Too late to feel you,

Too late to breathe.

Lyrics by Jeremy Borne
© 2016 Opioid Music