Stand up, don't back down.
Fortune favors the bold.
What matters, up or down?
It's a game, just a game.
Success, undefined -
endings unrealized.
No time to dwell on wrongs or mistakes.

All we give to fear builds an endless wall.
It shuts out all your dreams,
quenches all your fire.
So use it as your fuel.
Use it as your shield.
Turn it upside down.
Starve it at its source.

Rising out, bright and proud.
Rising out, empty now.
Shackles chained. We remain.
Shackles break. We remain.

Burn through, don't rust out.
Idle still burning fuel.
Identify your cage - stage a break.
Engage, don't evade.
Conflict sharpens the blade.
Your greatest victories come from strain - the greatest strain.

Don't fade while dreams remain.
Don't fade while will sustains.

It's so easy to be stoic,
caught up in the atmosphere.
Aloof, jaded, uninspired, fearing
potent inner conflictions,
urging you to initiate -
changing into something greater defined.
By risking failure, followed dreams, crucifying apathy;
Eyes set forward never back, building.
Unrelenting tunnel vision; All your essence in motion;
Whatever your goals are, know this:
Fear breaks under your gaze.

We are light; we are fate;
Stardust in motion.
Made of stars, made of earth -
illusions and fantasy.

Humble, thankful just to be given opportunies
to make the changes, correct a course;
Heading anywhere your heart desires;
anywhere your mind can dream.
All that matters is the passion burning.
Impetus to start a change,
just one Spark to light a flame.
Travelling towards the great unknown certain:
Fear breaks under your gaze.

You are more than your mistakes;
are more, than your faults can make.
More than a number in the crowd;
More than can be spoken now.
All chance and possibilities
surround and encompass these
short spans we call life.
Take one and burn out.

Lyrics by Jeremy Borne
2016 Opioid Music